Jun 11

10 eBooks for Microsoft Products 2010 releases

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eBooks for Microsoft Products 2010 releases

eBooks for Microsoft Products : All they are for Microsoft products last release |  PDF  | compressed to 168 MB

Access 2010 – The Missing Manual.pdf

Unlock the secrets of this powerful database program and discover how to use your data in creative ways. With this book’s easy step-by-step process, you’ll quickly learn how to build and maintain a complete Access database, using Access 2013’s new, simpler user interface and templates. You also get practices and tips from the pros for good database design ideal whether you’re using Access for school, business, or at home.
Mastering SQL Server 2008 – 1st Edition – Wiley.pdf

As Microsoft’s bestselling database manager, SQL Server is highly flexible and customizable, and has excellent support—the 2008 version offers several significant new capabilities. This book offers accurate and expert coverage on the updates to SQL Server 2008 such as its enhanced security; the ability to encrypt an entire database, data files, and log files without the need for application changes; a scalable infrastructure that can manage reports and analysis of any size and complexity; and its extensive performance data collection.
Mastering VBA for Office 2010, 2nd Edition.pdf

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the language used for writing macros, automating Office applications, and creating custom applications in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. This complete guide shows both IT professionals and novice developers how to master VBA in order to customize the entire Office suite for specific business needs.
Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Programming Inside Out.pdf

You’re beyond the basics, so dive right in and customize, automate, and extend Access—using Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA). This supremely organized reference is packed with hundreds of time-saving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds. It’s all muscle and no fluff. Discover how the experts use VBA to exploit the power of Access—and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Inside Out (2010).pdf
Microsoft Word 2010 Inside Out.pdf

This is an intermediate book and has good detail about some of the inner workings of Word 2010. I am still learning from it and it will take some time to complete more. I have been using word processing since “Word Mark”.
New Perspectives on Microsoft Word 2010.pdf
New Perspectives on MS Access 2010.pdf

With the New Perspectives’ critical-thinking, problem-solving approach, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of MICROSOFT OFFICE ACCESS 2010 and will learn how to take advantage of the flexibility it offers. Case-based tutorials challenge students to apply what they are learning to real-life tasks, preparing them to easily transfer skills to new situations. With New Perspectives, students understand why they’re learning what they’re learning and are better situated to retain skills beyond the classroom.
Pro  Access 2010 Development.pdf

Pro Access 2010 Development is a fundamental resource for developing business applications that take advantage of the features of Access 2010 and the many sources of data available to your business. In this book, you’ll learn how to build database applications, create Web-based databases, develop macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) tools for Access applications, integrate Access with SharePoint and other business systems, and much more


Use these free, downloadable e-book for of Microsoft Office 2010 as a training book that won’t close while your fingers are on the keyboard. They’re easy to carry along so you can brush up on your skills for a few minutes while you’re waiting in line.



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