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C# Tips and Traps [PluralSight]

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C# Tips and Traps [PluralSight]

58x Video Tutorial / Duration: 3h 57m | August 2013 | Level: Intermediate | compressed to 350 MB

This course is designed to short-circuit your C# learning and provides a whole host of useful information about the sometimes under-used or unknown features of both the C# language and the .Net framework. + exercise files

Tutorials subjects :

Customize debugger display values
Control the display of members in the debugger
The null-coalescing operator
The danger of virtual method calls from constructors
The caller information attributes
Partial types and methods
Runtime conversions with Convert.ChangeType
Expose internal types and members to friend assemblies

Simplifying string empty and null checking code
Time zones and using DateTime.MinValue to represent null dates
Conditional compilation and emitting compiler warnings and errors
Testing char Unicode validity
Changing the current thread’s culture at runtime
Creating random numbers
Using Tuples to reduce code
Forcing reference equality comparisons
Don’t change an object’s hashcode after adding to a dictionary
Creating and using combinable enums

Conditional formatting for positive, negative, and zero numbers
Marking code as obsolete
Avoiding re-evaluation of LINQ queries
Launching arbitrary programs and capturing their output
Static Array Methods
Copying, atomic cloning, and resizing of arrays
Initializing multidimensional rectangular and jagged arrays
Preserving your stacktrace when rethrowing exceptions

Parsing numeric types with the NumberStyles enumeration
Preventing ambiguous DateTime parsing
Avoiding DateTime misparsing with culture-independent strings
Parsing DateTimes with the DateTimeStyles enumeration
Converting base types to byte arrays
as or cast?
Exiting loops early
Binary compatibility with optional parameters

Replacing temporary collections with yield
Creating type namespace aliases and resolving external collisions
Representing arbitrarily large integer values
Creating and using custom format providers

Conditionally executing methods based on compilation symbols
The conditional operator
Make working with paths easier
Formatting and aligning values into columns
Specify methods that take an arbitrary number of arguments
Simplify constructor overloads
Finding out information about the current system and platform
Using indexers in your own classes


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