Feb 27

How to Speak How to Listen – Mortimer J. Adler

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How to Speak How to Listen - Mortimer J. Adler

How to Speak How to Listen

by Mortimer J. Adler | ISBN 0684846470 | 11 MP3 , Audio book | 432 MB

Drawing on decades of experience as an educator and philosopher, Mortimer J. Adler offers a short course in effective communication, filled with his wisdom and wit. Both instructive and practical, How to Speak, How to Listen will be invaluable to everyone: salespeople and executives involved in conferences and negotiations, politicians, lecturers, and teachers, as well as families seeking to improve communication among themselves.

Mortimer J. Adler was Chairman of the Board of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Director of the Institute for Philosophical Research, and Honorary Trustee of the Aspen Institute. He authored more than fifty books.




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