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Lynda.com – HTML5: Structure, Syntax, and Semantics

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Lynda.com - HTML5: Structure, Syntax, and Semantics

Lynda.com – HTML5: Structure, Syntax, and Semantics | Video Training | 528 MB

Author: James Williamson
Duration (hr:min): 04:34
Released on: 5/31/2011
Exercise files: Yes

HTML5: Structure, Syntax, and Semantics gives designers a deeper understanding of HTML5 and shows how to create richer, more meaningful web pages with structural tags and descriptive attributes. Author James Williamson presents an overview of HTML5 and its development, defines the new tags and attributes, and discusses how browsers parse and display HTML5 content. The course also includes step-by-step instructions for constructing an HTML5 document with a header and footer, navigation, content groups, and formatting. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:

   * Defining basic elements
   * Exploring the content model
   * Creating document sections
   * Using hgroup to override sectioning
   * Using the proper nesting structure
   * Choosing the right structural element
   * Using class and ID attributes
   * Building navigation
   * Grouping content with asides
   * Using divs in HTML5
   * Creating block level links
   * Defining link relationships
   * Understanding current browser support
   * Adding support for elements in older browsers

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