Jun 16

Onenote 2010 Essential Training

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Onenote 2010 Essential Training  |  Video Training  |  276,4 MB

Contents :


Class        +      time
Welcome 1m 21s
Using the exercise files 1m 5s
1. Getting Started 30m 27s
What is OneNote? 6m 20s
Launching OneNote and touring the interface 6m 55s

Opening, closing, and saving notebooks 4m 29s

Creating new notebooks 2m 4s

Creating, moving, and deleting sections and pages 4m 47s

Working with sub-pages 3m 51s

Creating a note on a page 2m 1s

2. Adding Content to Notes 34m 10s

Working with unfiled notes 4m 12s

Copying and pasting content 4m 14s

Adding screen clippings 2m 34s

Adding pictures 3m 1s

Adding audio and video files 5m 24s

Recording audio and video 4m 25s

Adding files 1m 45s

Adding math equations to notes 4m 14s

Sending to OneNote 4m 21s

3. Formatting Notes 17m 17s

Formatting text 3m 49s

Using styles from the quick gallery 2m 14s

Using bullets and numbering 4m 8s

Checking spelling 7m 6s

4. Viewing and Organizing Information 29m 51s

Organizing the user interface 5m 20s

Creating new windows 2m 33s

Searching a notebook 3m 39s

Creating links to pages with wiki linking 2m 42s

Tagging notes 7m 40s

Working with sections 4m 26s

Using section groups 3m 31s

5. Interacting with Outlook 8m 14s

Inserting Outlook meetings 2m 38s

Sending page information by email 1m 39s

Working with Outlook tasks 3m 57s

6. Working with Tables 15m 19s

Creating a table 3m 47s

Working with rows and columns 3m 21s

Formatting tables and data 5m 45s

Moving tables and data 2m 26s

7. Using Writing Tools 11m 53s

Working in Pen mode 5m 29s

Manipulating written notes and drawings 4m 39s

Converting handwriting to type 1m 45s

8. Using Stationery and Templates 12m 18s

Using templates 5m 44s

Saving as a template 2m 52s

Choosing a default template 3m 42s

9. Formatting Pages 10m 47s

Setting paper size and margins 4m 46s

Changing page background options 2m 53s

Adding a background graphic 3m 8s

10. Printing 8m 15s

Printing notes and selections 4m 57s

Modifying print options 3m 18s

11. Sharing Notebooks 27m 48s

Saving to other formats 4m 20s

Saving OneNote content to PDF or XPS 4m 19s

Creating a shared notebook 4m 24s

Inviting others and syncing notebooks 4m 18s

Sending pages in various formats 3m 1s

Sharing notebooks on the web 7m 26s

12. Collaborating on Notebooks 10m 5s

Knowing who wrote what with author indicators 3m 27s

Locating newly added content with highlighting 3m 2s

Seeing past versions quickly with versioning 3m 36s

13. Researching with OneNote 13m 8s

Automatically linking your notes to what you’re viewing 6m 22s

Using the Research pane 3m 54s

Translating text with the Mini Translator 2m 52s

14. Modifying OneNote Options 18m 2s

Setting display options 6m 27s

Changing email options 4m 37s

Protecting passwords 4m 1s

Setting backup options 2m 57s

Conclusion 18s

Goodbye 18s



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