Jun 12

The Ultimate Business Advantage 2013 – Anthony Robbins

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The Ultimate Business Advantage 2013 - Anthony Robbins

Be the First to Experience the Ultimate Business Advantage — and Give Your Business the Edge It Deserves | 1.1 GB
Fact: 96% of all businesses fail within their first 10 years. Why? Is it because they lack passion, drive or the right people? No. It’s because the global economy has shifted, and every business is facing new threats and new opportunities.

Your Course Topics Will Include:

Course 1: From Bankrupt to Billions: how insights from Apple’s turnaround can geometrically grow your business today.

Course 2: Break through the Real Chokehold: unleash your business growth

Course 3: The Ultimate Marketing Advantage – VAM!

Course 4: Digital Marketing and Social Selling Secrets: how to unleash the power of technology



You need that rare competitive edge. And Tony Robbins, world-renowned business strategist, wants to give it to you: His exclusive four-session course, the Ultimate Business Advantage, features all-new content (see below!) on how to grow your business faster in this, and any, economy.

For three and a half decades Tony Robbins has been the leader called upon by leaders to help change the quality of their lives. His mission is to empower small businesses to thrive in even the most volatile economic times. For six short weeks, you’ll gain access to this online business course, where you’ll learn business-building tools and strategies that you can’t find anywhere else.



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